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Recycling and upcycling scrap copper into unique jewelry and art.
Wonder Mutt tesing the scales.

"Received the pink and copper bangles and they are absolutely gorgeous and great quality…highly recommend Mike’s items."

-LoriAnn P.

My Twist on Things

"Creating something from nothing. That's what it's about for me!"

   Removing items from the never ending waste stream. Repurposing and upcycling scrap copper, steel, metal materials, alloys, and sometimes wood. It runs deep that I create in this fashion. Many of my creations are one-offs with no two being the exact same.

   Forging Life and energy back into discarded items others have thrown away, deemed useless. Envisioning and rebirthing scrap material forming new conceptions, art worn, and displayed as something beautiful. Worn by You, for all the world to see. Beauty wearing beauty.

   These pieces will be bent, dented, a little twisted, maybe a lot twisted, hammered, blemished, unique, and beautiful. They'll feel the flame, seek resurrection, reignite, and become stronger. Perhaps, we can relate, as these pieces are re-forged in a way similar to us re-forging ourselves.

Perfectly Imperfect.


Artic Conch copper bracelet. Beautiful and elegant.
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Creating fine jewelry from junk.
Hand picking and scavenging copper for projects.


PO Box 282

Eddington, ME 04428





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